GoKu were commissioned to develop a proposal for a crematorium on an elevated site at the edge of Dundalk. The site is prominently located on a hill adjacent to St Patrick’s Cemetery overlooking Dundalk Bay, Slieve Gullion and the Mourne & Cooley Mountains. One of the main design challenges was to accommodate a heavily industrialised process adjacent to a non-denominational sacred space and sensitively manage the interaction between the two. The design evolved through a process of reconciling the conflicts between the ceremonial and industrial briefs and unifying them within a single architectural composition. 

The service route for the management of the functional side of the building is separated from the ceremonial route for mourners in order to maintain dignity. The compact form folds over the diverse functional areas to create a dynamic building which changes as you move around and interact with it. The proposal envisages a lightweight insulated framed structure with rain-screen cladding. A heat recovery system captures waste heat from the cremation process which is used to heat the adjacent administration areas and ceremonial space.