Farndreg Nursing Home

Project scope: We were commissioned to design an elderly care facility on a brownfield site previously occupied by an industrial unit within the curtilage of Farndreg House. The accommodation proposed includes a nursing home/ residential care unit and an alzheimers care unit.

Context: The facility has been designed to sit into an existing landscape and mediate between and enhance the relationship  between the historic Farndreg House and Arboretum while minimising its potential impact on the residential buildings at a higher level to its north and west perimeter through augmenting the existing mature trees with new planting & screening. The intersecting wings of the building located in the northwest corner of the site create a hierarchy of semi public, semi private & private open spaces which all benefit from their natural setting and provide a range of options for residents and visitors to enjoy the landscape & views.

Sustainability: The building has been designed utilising a fabric first approach and its layout facilitates an off site modular construction approach which can increase quality control & testing regimes for the high levels of insulation & air-tightness required to ensure an efficient level of ventilation & heat recovery through the decentralised MVHR units. Decentralised MVHR is being considered as part of a mixed mode ventilation strategy to ensure occupant comfort and health and is the preferred design solution to address the many health risks associated with centrally ventilated or poorly naturally ventilated facilities. The layout and staggered corridors with public spaces opening to balconies and overlapping at their terminations promote natural ventilation during the summer. The ideal orientation will facilitate the generation of a substantial proportion of the hot water requirements for the buildings using solar thermal panels as well as providing an opportunity for Solar PV and on-site electrical generation.

Design challenge: The reclaiming of the pre-existing industrial site and enhancing the context of the existing arboretum to create a series of external spaces ranging from semi-public to private resident spaces. The aim is to provide alternative and varied spaces for external activities & relaxation and also act as social hubs for micro communities within the facility while respecting the historic context.