House Extension and Refurbishment, Dundrum

project scope: Having been refurbished and extended in a piecemeal fashion over the course of 30 years this house in Dundrum was in need of a complete overhaul.

context: The previous works to the house had resulted in a series of boxes configured around a dark central corridor and the potential of the south facing corner site was not exploited to its full potential with an unsatisfactory connection between the living spaces and the garden.

sustainability: The building fabric has been significantly upgraded and is complemented by a demand controlled ventilation system ensuring greatly increased levels of comfort and health. The kitchen layout was developed with Wabi Sabi and was crafted using 150-year-old floorboards from the house, which had previously been salvaged from a church in Co Donegal.

design challenge: The approach was to consolidate the spaces on the ground floor and create a more open free flowing space that still afforded a degree of separation and a clear definition of the main functions, living, dining and kitchen. A stronger relationship with the outdoor space was created through the reorientation of the living and dining areas around an external patio overlooking an enlarged garden. The roof was remodelled to tie the previous extensions together and give a sense of unity to the whole composition.