Temple Bar Gallery

project scope: An existing gallery space in Dublin’s Temple Bar was in need of a refurbishment 15 years after its original opening.

context: With a limited budget it was decided to focus on the ceilings and lighting to increase the sense of space, add flexibility to the gallery’s ability to adequately exhibit more diverse works and reduce the high energy consumption associated with the outdated lighting system.

sustainability: A new dropped lighting bulkhead was designed to accommodate a system of continuous low energy low cost light fittings delivering a cool even light to the 3 main gallery walls. Each wall can be lit independently of the other and the bulkhead also incorporates a lighting track into which feature spot lights, wall washers and framing projectors are set and can be interchanged to achieve multiple lighting effects throughout the gallery. Energy savings associated with the new lighting scheme are calculated to be between 32% and 65% when compared with the previous system depending on the combination of lighting effects used.

design challenge: The works had to be designed tendered and constructed with a 5 week period in order to avail of grant assistance from the arts Council. The project was delivered on time and within budget.


photography by Kasia Kaminska