Urbanity Coffee Smithfield

project scope: To create speciality café with a small-batch coffee roaster as an alternative to existing facilities in the busy Smithfield area.

context: The Glass House building was originally designed as an office with a retail unit on the ground. The Cafe occupies the ground floor, which required a formal Change of Use, Fire Certificate and Disability Access Certificate. Michael Goan Architects have been working, with Jason, Aisling & Fintan in Urbanity, as Architects & Assigned Certifiers to help the Team realise their vision of delivering an exceptional coffee experience to the people of Dublin.

design challenge: The biggest challenge was to offer an attractive design within a budget which would fully comply with accessibility and fire safety regulations. The uniqueness of the place is the coffee roaster sited right in the centre of the café where Urbanity roasts the finest green beans available. The effect is a contemporary, industrial looking but welcoming environment where the proposed layout and use of simple materials contribute to the success of the place.